Thanks Synergy for guiding me through everything. its probably the best institute appearence wise as well as education wise. 


Apee Regmi

NIT Surathkal


This is me Aswin Budathoki and would like to say thanks synergy for providing me knowledge about USA and its processing aswell. I would like to thank all the members of synergy for their great support. 

Aswin Budathoki

MNNIT Allahabad


“Synergy has changed the entire course of my life, by providing a better solution to my career.Thanks Synergy!”

Prajwal Lamichhane

NIT Surathkal


I didn't know anything about study aborad before. I was zero when i first met Synergy. I get full support to study in India. very helpful team, i will be remembering you all the time.

Sakar Adhikari

DTU Delhi


I haven.t got anything precious to give, but I would like to express my gratitude by Thanking synergy. Thank you synergy for all the support and guidance.

Saroj Gaire

NIT Jaipur


Synergy at last!!! Yes, I changed my mind in the final hour to change the study destination to India. With their expertise, I could re-arrange the visa app documents in a short time! Thanks again!"

Shubhangi Rana

NIT Warangal


Thank you for all the support and guidance. May SYNERGY get a huge success in coming days.

Subham Kandel

MNNIT Allahabad


To all the member of SYNERGY Team, Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication.  I am very grateful that you solve my each and every problem and make me qualified to get Japan’s visa. I am really happy that I had chosen SYNERGY for selecting my destination Path. Thank you once again.


NIT Jaipur

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